I couldn't have hoped for a better person in my corner (my attorney). She helped me understand every step of the process. She went above and beyond to put together the countless number of documents I had to present to the court. She stayed with me while in the courtroom, and helped me understand the outcome of every hearing that we had after. I 100% agree that I feel safer and more in control of my life and future.

  • – Previous Client

My life is finally mine again. I gained control back from someone who had the control over me. The healing process is a one that could take a lifetime, but I have more peace than I could have imagined….

  • – Previous Client

Carleigh is beyond amazing. I've never felt like anyone was more invested in getting me through the hell I was stuck in than her. She was with me through every step of the way and went above and beyond to help me understand everything and fought relentlessly on my behalf. There aren't words to adequately describe my appreciation. She's the attorney that everyone wishes they could have in their corner.

  • – Previous Client

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